Coming of age in western Pennsylvania, Rebecca’s natural inclination for the aberrant and depraved in art, literature, and film blossomed to model her love of kink and sexuality, leading to a devotion to toying with desires and exploring different psycho-sexual interests.

With a statuesque body that recalls classic depictions of the feminine ideal and a sharp, piercing intellect, Rebecca is an alpha female that is not easily forgotten. She is both a sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with.


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Rebecca’s investment in the practice of BDSM and D/s is serious and precise. She feels that such encounters highlight and focus in on the reversal power dynamics in contemporary society that can be limited or prescribed.

By flipping the power exchange that dominates our day-to-day life, we play with power rather than reinforcing it, helping to eliminating it’s oppressive agency, and that flip helps in finding a way to our truer selves; feeling more at home in our bodies and ourselves. 

Rebecca proudly acts as a sherpa to fulfill and expand your life, helping you discover and tap into previously unexplored parts of the self.


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A professional domina since 2010, Rebecca has studied and worked alongside the most notable kinky practitioners in Los Angeles and abroad, developing a broad range of technical skill to complement her vast knowledge in mental dominance. She is also trained in safe medical practices, CPR, and first aid certified by the Red Cross.

Rebecca’s experience has led to radio appearances, panel discussions, and writing on the subject of kink, working with some of the most honored names in adult entertainment.

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Rebecca has been classified as a chameleon, having capitalized on her role as a trickster in creating paradoxical and confusing situations to continually surprise clients time and time again.

Rather than offering a menu of services, Rebecca’s strength is in bespoke one-to-one engagements, engineering sessions that tap into your submissive psyche while weaving in the kinky specifics. This way of working not only gives clients a  more personal experience, but also taps into her quick wit, dominant personality, and variety of experience to deliver truly unique scenes that will have you reeling for months afterward.

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