Rebecca Knox came of age in rural Western Pennsylvania among rolling hills and desolate woods, setting the stage for her mysterious, captivating presence and wicked demeanor. Naturally curious and never quite assimilating into the commonplace roles of her teenage peers.  In fetish, and particularly femdom, she found both a way to identify and locate herself and a source of naughty adventure to satiate her distinct desires. Even at an early age, she found pleasure in creating a deviant world to escape from the humdrum existence of day-to-day drudgery. She began visiting museums and galleries developing a love of film, literature, art, and art history. Art was, and continues to be, a closely-related cousin to her kinky endeavors. Around this same time, Rebecca became primarily interested in European film and literature with a psychosexual bent—Haneke’s The Piano Teacher, the score of Emmanuelle II by Francis Lai, Baudrillard’s The Transparency of Evil, Fassbinder’s Querelle, and J.G. Ballard’s Crash—these became cornerstones in her refined understandings of sexuality, fantasy, and fetish. Approaching the works with an analyst’s precision, she studied them closely as they set the standard for kink. These structures would later be models for how Rebecca would articulate herself and her work: bold, elegant, depraved, and visually stunning. Rebecca imbues her life and her career with as many of these qualities as possible. It is not uncommon to hear Knox wax poetic about the things she is passionate about—music, film, literature, and art—as they have shaped her approach to femdom immensely.

After moving to Pittsburgh and pursuing a degree at a prestigious university, Rebecca decided to investigate first-person the world of kink in her spare time. Through the generosity of local lifestyle practitioners and players mixed her own research and reading on the subject, Rebecca found a home in professional dominance. As an alpha-female with an entrepreneurial spirit, she thrived and developed a healthy appetite for male suffering and complete power exchange. Her three years in Pittsburgh were exploratory and provided compelling subjects that fulfilled her whims and desires, enhancing her understanding of the male psyche. While her extensive travels of the US and Europe have brought her deeper understandings of kink and culture, she loves Pittsburgh and visits frequently.

Notwithstanding her hometown love, Rebecca decided to pursue bigger and better things. She traveled to Los Angeles, California in 2013, participating in the city’s BDSM culture and expanding her repertoire immensely. Since moving to Los Angeles, Rebecca has had further training with and worked alongside some of the world’s top Dominas as well as appearing regularly on radio shows, podcasts, and in fashion magazines. In addition to her kink accolades, Rebecca earned multiple degrees and awards from the nation’s most prestigious and Ivy League institutions, studying with world-renowned BDSM practitioners, psychoanalysts, philosophers, writers and artists alike. BDSM and kinky pursuits are but one of the many avenues for Rebecca, albeit one where she finds great pride and pleasure.

Rebecca has since returned to Pittsburgh and now offers sessions at Irene Boss’ The Compound and frequently tours to New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, D.C., London, and Paris.

Beyond her sharp intellect and voracious appetite for the art of kink, Rebecca is a classic beauty. Autre magazine describes her as a “Brigitte Helm in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, a throwback to an era before BDSM was revved up by industrial goth music and giggled at by wine drinking morning talk show hosts.” She possess a look that harkens back to pre-Raphaelite paintings and marbled Roman busts while remaining strikingly contemporary. Knox is a majestic vision standing at 5’6″ with voluminous flowing copper red hair and bright blue-grey eyes framed by long natural eyelashes. Her naturally full, perky 36C bust is complemented by her smooth round derrière, long toned legs, and elegant size ten feet with a seductive arch. Her sumptuous assets are complemented by her perfectly maintained porcelain skin—bright and glowing. She is poised and commands attention with confidence, intellect, and natural radiance. A true glamazon goddess, a modern emblem of regality, and a sight to behold.