“Expect the unexpected,” as they say, as Rebecca operates on a cerebral level. A real trickster, she has been described as a chameleon and capitalizes on her love of paradoxical and confusing situations. She is patient and understanding — calculated — quick-witted and devious. Her engagement with her submissives is ineffable; she is a force to be reckoned with — unruly, demanding, and divine — a real enchanting Cruella.

Rather than offering a menu of services, Rebecca’s strength is in bespoke one-to-one engagements, engineering sessions that tap into your submissive psyche while weaving in the kinky specifics. A psychodramatist of sorts, she is capable of devising complex circumstances and situations that play towards your submissive archetype and core interests. Her expertise is rooted in the creative psychological and this extends into many BDSM practices including bondage, role play, financial ownership, interrogation, among others.