My investment in the practice of BDSM and D/s is serious and precise. I feel that such encounters highlight and focus in on the reversal power dynamics in contemporary society that can be limited or prescribed. By flipping it around (power exchange), we play with power rather than reinforcing it, helping to eliminating it’s oppressive agency, and in that finding a way to our truer selves; feeling more at home in our bodies and ourselves. Proudly acting as a sherpa to a more whole fulfilling and expanded life, I want for you to continuously discover those parts of yourselves that you were previously unable to tap into or be capable of integrating into your life. Make no mistake: BDSM and D/s are delicate yet powerful arenas where you will be tested, pushed, tricked, and demoted but always done so within a space of mutual trust and respect. I am committed to providing unprecedented experiences while upholding safe, sane, and consensual practices. At my core, you will find a cruel dominant alpha-female whose interest is molding you into something better, braver—something I am proud to call my own. Your gift to me is your submission, and I do not take this lightly nor without obstacle.