"I am thoroughly consumed by Her personality and presence"

I’ve never seen myself as someone who would enjoy being taken shopping and fiscally used. But Rebecca pulled that off with such style and panache that I was powerless to resist. And in truth, it was a delight to see her so infectiously consume such kinky delights.

I also loved the way she managed to assertively take charge while still maintaining a genial demeanor and a compassionate consideration for me.

So, I can admit that I am thoroughly consumed by Her personality and presence, and sincerely hope that our paths will continue to cross. A true Cruella. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful liasion.

-T., San Francisco, CA 2013

"She seemed as excited as I was to explore my submissive side."

Somewhere between the first and tenth lick of her amazing heel at the end of her long delicate stocking clad leg I knew there was no turning back.  I have to admit I felt comfortable and relaxed.  In setting up the appointment she was pleasant, inquisitive, and interactive.  She seemed as excited as I was to explore my submissive side.  In meeting her, that demeanor continued. I was excited and at ease and ready to explore.

As her eyes lit up and her wicked smile exploded during her verbal humiliation those feelings of comfort quickly left.  Prone on the ground, I ran to every corner of the minds eyes to escape the humiliation and embarrassment she expertly graced me with.  Each kick brought me back to realizing her dominance and superiority; the click of her heels on the marble still echo through my ears.

I look forward to the next time I can serve and suffer for her, to not only play out my fantasies but to allow her sadistic creativity flow freely.  Thanks again Ms. Knox!

J., Pittsburgh, PA 2013

"One of the first things I noticed was that Her immaculate beauty."

Mistress Rebecca Knox is a professional through and through, from initial email contact to our first session. I was going to be in town for business and did a bit of Google-ing and after communicating with Ms. Knox via email I felt very comfortable with Her. She is punctual, direct, and absolutely stunning!  I was nervous as the time approached but when She knocked on the door,  I quickly opened. One of the first things I noticed was that Her immaculate beauty. Her photos online do not do Her justice! In addition to her incredible good looks, Ms. Knox is very approachable and with some basic background information she knows exactly how to direct a session to capitalize on your favorite kinks and introduce you to some new ones. And if you’re into feet, Her’s are absolutely beautiful and well taken care of– true gems. One can tell that she truly enjoys what she is doing and executes it very well. Needless to say, I have thought of our session many times over the past year and I’m super excited to be booking another session with Her this year. My only wish is that I lived closer.  A++, second to none!

– M., Albany, NY 2014

"Mental and emotional rollercoaster"

I contacted Ms. Knox in September of 2012, as I had a “hankering for a spankering,” as Homer Simpson once said… Life has not quite been the same since. I’ve started to learn many lessons in the past year – submission, humility, respect, self-control, and patience among them. Ms. Knox is a bundle of contradictions; harsh yet kind; stern yet understanding; sadistic yet sympathetic; enticing yet unreachable. She has introduced some badly needed discipline into my life, and in so doing, has literally helped me to SAVE my life. I asked her to do some “life-coaching,” holding me responsible for diet and exercise.  She has been enthusiastic about that… VERY enthusiastic. The physical changes have been dramatic and I owe her much.  The mental and emotional rollercoaster that accompanied that was something I did not envision. It has been gut-wrenching and cathartic. I had to learn that I am most certainly NOT in control. Along the way, she has introduced me to any number of things that I never expected; things I did not expect to enjoy (and did!!); things I had fantasized about in a vague way; things that she dragged up out of the underbelly of my psyche. And it’s been absolutely wonderful; every moment.  (Well, except for maybe that damn wooden spoon.)  She has this GORGEOUS long, red, silky hair… and at that point words fail me.  I’m going to get myself in trouble again… 

-D., Pittsburgh, PA 2014

"I knew that I would be a repeat customer within fifteen minutes."

The best, most concise description that I can give for Ms Knox is “savagely professional”. Before meeting, she took the time to have an in-depth conversation discussing my interests, my limits, and my expectations. Amazingly, she even managed to pique my interest in some areas that I hadn’t considered, which only added to my anticipation. I could tell that she wanted me to be comfortable with the experience while enjoying myself as much as possible.

When the session began, I knew that I would be a repeat customer within fifteen minutes. Ms Knox pushed my limits without quite crossing them, but always left that possibility tantalizingly in the forefront of my mind, which only served to heighten the tension of the situation, adding to my excitement. She is incredibly talented. It was obvious from the start that she truly enjoys her work, and she made it quite clear that she reveled in my pain. She is strong, cruel, and relentless. On top of that, she possesses physical beauty worthy of more praise than you can possibly conjure. The manner in which she incorporated teasing into the session was above and beyond anything that I could have expected, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. Her intelligence, beauty and cruelty make for a deadly combination that simply must be experienced to be believed.

After having had the pleasure of having a session with Ms Knox, I’ve forgotten all about the other so-called Dommes whom I had met. Her professionalism and execution far exceed anything I had previously experienced. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You won’t be disappointed. And, like me, you’ll most likely be coming back for more.

– M., Morgantown, WV 2014

"At that moment looking up from the floor to catch her bemused gaze, we both knew I was hooked for good."

It has been my supreme good fortune to have sessioned with Mistress Rebecca Knox on a number of occasions; each very different experiences sharing only the intensity and creativity that this accomplished young dominatrix brings to her craft.  At our initial meeting she appeared as a coy young ingenue who before my eyes transfigured into a sophisticated enchantress whose siren song caused me to spread my legs wide to receive the kiss of her stiletto.  Mesmerized by her knowing gaze I stood hypnotized before crashing to the floor to plant kisses upon the object of my assault.  At that moment looking up from the floor to catch her bemused gaze, we both knew I was hooked for good.

In subsequent sessions Mistress Rebecca has so beguiled me that I have quite literally begged to be flogged just because I knew it would entertain and bring a smile to that radiant face, withstood an onslaught from her paddle (just so my cheeks would be “even”) and greedily sucked deep the smoke from her crimson lips (FYI, I’m a non-smoker who avoid corporal sessions emphatically).  That is the power that this Alabaster Artist has over me, for Mistress Rebecca truly is an artist.  She paints a scene, sculpts its forms to create a rich tableau that will enamor you forever.

I look forward to experiencing her next creation.

-S., Pittsburgh, PA 2015

"Despite my fears, Miss Knox delivered on all my hopes and dreams."

Female domination has always been a key fetish of mine. Being shy and introverted, I’m both incredibly turned on by a domme and terrified. Someone who is smart, cunning, skilled, confident and commanding wrapped in the gorgeous and sexy body of a woman. It was a long time fantasy of mine to submit to a domme; to become her plaything and let her have her way with me. In my case, it was to let her feminize me and transform me from a man to a slutty woman.

I was hesitant about booking a session with a pro domme – this would be my first time seeing a professional. I was afraid there would be no connection or chemistry between the two of us, and that it would be awkward or forced or uncomfortable. That neither party would really get anything out of it and that it would be a waste of money. But in the end I decided that being able to satisfy a fantasy that I’ve had for many, many years was worth it.

I scoured the internet searching high and low for dommes in either LA or OC. I was put off by a lot of the pros that I found. Many were harsh and cruel, a lot were putting emphasis on being financial dommes and that men are worthless pigs whose only purpose is to serve and spoil the women.

But not all were bad. There were a handful that stood out from the rest, and one that stood out even more. Simply put: of all the pros that I browsed and combed through, Miss Knox’s was the most genuine. Her website was professional, her pictures beautiful, her biography personal; she just felt right. It also helped that she sounded very interested in our emails. She was very helpful and informative, answering any and all questions I had, even rescheduling when I realized that the original time/day wouldn’t work. She was every bit professional and helpful.

I was very nervous leading up to our session. I had trouble falling asleep the night before, and I had trouble falling back asleep early that morning. I was both excited and afraid of there not being any chemistry between us. We were strangers and until we met in person, I wouldn’t know if we’d “click”, especially in this line of work were a connection or chemistry is vital to a good session.

Despite my fears, Miss Knox delivered on all my hopes and dreams. She made me feel very comfortable almost immediately, even after making me strip naked and stay naked as she transform me from a regular guy into her new slutty bimbo plaything. I was anxious and nervous, excited and incredibly aroused. There I was, a shy, submissive virgin in the presence of a beautiful woman wearing an outfit that made me melt.

When it was all over, she just sat me down and we talked. She was genuinely interested in what I had to say and just sitting there and chatting with her was a special treat all in its own. She is a true to the word professional. She is smart, kind, charming and beautiful. She was respectful of my limits and the time I spent with her was incredible. If I had unlimited funds I’d book her every weekend. If she had a Yelp page I’d give her five stars. I look forward to booking another session with her.

  • “Chelsea”, Orange County, CA 2015
"She may well be the most intelligent Domme you will ever meet."

My name is Bobby… the slave of Mistress Rebecca Knox.

Go see her… Why? Because she‘s beautiful, witty, charming, ever so sexy, looks amazing in lingerie, possesses great skill, is a sensual siren and yet a cruel sadist, and will satisfy your every desire and need. But in all honesty, you can find scores of comments by other subs and slaves who will tell you the very same thing about other Dommes. The truth is there is a wealth of amazing Dommes in the LA basin. So what makes Rebecca Knox different from the rest? I can only tell you what makes her unique to me.

In my perfect vanilla world, I had friends, family, and great career success, but something was missing… and had been missing for a very long time. I explored the kink world for many years and finally understood the need to give my submissive desires and needs a real priority in my life. It was there I found Rebecca Knox. Why her… I don’t have a great answer. I was fascinated by a simple picture of her in a black dress…. something about her eyes captivated me. We met, and I had a wonderful and fulfilling afternoon. We played… we talked… and for the first time I shared my ongoing inner conflict… the everyday vanilla life that I loved vs. my deeply intense desire to be in the kink world. It was a struggle that for me had finally come to the forefront.

Over the ensuing weeks, we communicated as she helped me work thru the conflict until I finally resolved and found peace while living in both worlds. She told me she would “be there” for me and she was… providing guidance and thoughts, but never pushing or telling me what I needed. She simply waited patiently for me to work thru it… remarking to me after that “I knew you’d figure it out eventually”. And as I bonded to her and became her slave, the real journey began.  I found happiness and peace in a slave’s bond because it acted as not just a connection, but a conduit between us even when we were separated and I was in my vanilla world. In it, I was always connected to her! For the first time, I began to understand real trust and submission, and that understanding continues to grow and mature with each passing week. She remarked to me that it wasn’t the case she wanted my body… what she wanted was “my mind.” What she was after all along was this deep level of trust so that she could have, explore, and enjoy my real and “authentic” submission. And “that” you see is what separates Mistress Rebecca Knox from the rest.  Yes… she delights in the play, but it’s not about power taken… it’s about control given up. When she has your mind, she has all she needs! Make no mistake, it’s all very real to her!!

On the day I was collared, she had me standing… leaning back against a bondage bed… my balls in her firm grip… her face just inches from mine… ever so slowly squeezing. At times the pain was intense, and as she cycled the intensity, she kept her gaze fixed on my eyes and never said a word. At any time, she could have taken what she wanted, but didn’t. She waited for me to do one simple thing… to look directly at her and simply say “yes.” She wanted me to surrender to what I knew would be really intense pain and she wanted me to do it not because I had to, not because I was supposed to, but because I wanted to. She would take my body, but first she wanted my mind. I knew it and she knew it, but that day I didn’t have the courage to say yes… something I regret to this very day and hope someday that perhaps…

There is much more that could be said.  Rebecca Knox is a woman of many talents. She may well be the most intelligent Domme you will ever meet. She just might be the Domme that fulfills your kink needs… or she just might be the Domme that you can find “something” that far exceeds a connection or mere chemistry. She approaches domination with an intellectual intensity that creates a mental intimacy that defies being put into words.  It just has to be experienced! If you don’t seize the opportunity, you may not only miss the opportunity of a lifetime, you might miss a lifetime of opportunities. Is she the “right” Domme for you… only you can figure that out!

-Bobby, Orange County, CA 2016

"I have been sessioning for 15+ years and I can assure you she is one of a kind."

Beautiful. Intelligent. Authentic. Delightfully Dominant. These are just a few words that only begin to describe Ms. Rebecca Knox. I have been sessioning for 15+ years and I can assure you she is one of a kind. I have had the privilege of serving her for a year now in various ways – from attending to her at fetish parties, going on shopping excursions, and in play sessions. Each interaction with her has been most memorable: helping her try on boots at Neiman’s while a bemused salesman watches us with curiosity, being used as her ashtray at fetish parties. or worshipping the all-leather outfit we purchased together in the privacy of her beautiful dungeon. Ms. Rebecca Knox is the girl next door with a deliciously wicked, devious and sadistic mind. The combination of her beauty and charming personality makes you want to please her even if it results in pain or humiliation. She will leave you with a unique and very memorable experience. Give yourself the gift of introducing her into your world – I’m so happy I have already done so.

-E., Los Angeles, CA 2015

"We need to make a test before a masterpiece. Rebecca Knox is the masterpiece."

Before asking an for an appointment with Mistress Rebecca, i wanted to know who i will meet and i began to read all the items on Her webpage. When i read some of the testimonies on the review page, i said “Oh, does She ask Her friends to write these?” because they were well written but all too much. For example:

T from San Francisco: “i am infectiously consumed by kinky delights.”

unknown: “i look forward to allow Her sadistic creativity flow freely.”

M from Albany, NY: “Her photos online do not do Her justice!”

D from Pittsburgh, PA: “She has literally helped me to SAVE my life.”

I was softly smiling and kidding these poor slaves. Shame on me, all this, after appointing Her in Paris one week ago, was true. They were not poor slaves but lucky ones.

As T, since our meeting i feel addicted to Her and to the souvenir of our session. I can’t fall asleep without thinking about Her, and my first thought when i wake up is for Her. As unknown, i want for the next session to give Her all the freedom to explore new frontiers with me and bring down new barriers. As M, i really believe Her photos do not do Her justice. I told Her and She answered with “slaves can only be overjoyed, never disappointed.” And as D, i did not meet a Mistress but a Goddess. For me, She floats in the air between God (whom i believe to) and the other human beings.

How is this? What did she do to me during this session? Did she drug me? Not at all. First She is a really pre-Raphaelite Goddess, white skin as pure as snow, with the softest feet i have licked in my life. For those who have read Perfume from Patrick Süskind, i now understand why the main character killed only red haired young beauties to steal their scent in order to create the best perfume ever realised. He could do it only with the sweat of Rebecca’s armpits and soles, without killing Her of course. The rest of the session belong to Her and i. What i can say, is that at the acme, She asked me to close my eyes, took my hand, and mentally raised me to Heaven’s Door, She knocked, knocked, Knox… i heard one trumpet sound, and was let in. i stayed there 5 or 6 minutes, i can’t say exactly because i was somewhere in space-time and She brought me back, slowly to earth and reality. I remember that my face was wet. Did i cry? Did i cry tears of champagne?

When i was a kid at the Synagogue, i asked the rabbi why God created man (Adam) before woman (Eve)? I now have the answer: we need to make a test before a masterpiece. Rebecca Knox is the masterpiece.

Even Barry White sang You:

You’re the first, you’re the last, my everything.

-A., Paris, France 2017